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Emotional Literacy lesson: a visit to Peasholm Park


As part of our Emotional Literacy lessons, students in KS3 ventured into Peasholm Park, which is situated near North Bay Scarborough.


The park has a large lake and is surrounded by lots of leafy colourful trees and a running waterfall. It is also home to many varieties of wildlife, including ducks, gulls, and the exciting inquisitive squirrels who are very entertaining allowing the public to feed them.


This is a wonderful place in allowing students to relax and open their minds in using their senses to embrace nature. After the students had navigated their way around the park they sat for a period of reflection and were asked to close their eyes. They were asked what emotions and feelings they were experiencing and what they would score out of 10.


Some of the responses were:


Leighton “This is a wonderful place. I feel very calm and feel I would not like to disturb the ducks “.

Courtney “I was so excited, when a bird ate from my hand. I could not believe that it chose me!”

Lola “I feel safe and I love how calm it is “.

Olly “The animals love us. It makes me want to run and jump”.

All students scored 7 or above on how calm they felt.

All students scored 0-2 on how anxious they felt.

All students enjoyed the experience of having this time during the week to relax and learn from the outdoor environment.   


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