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Vive La France at Cambian Beverley School


Over four hundred and seventy miles north of Paris in sunny Beverley in East Yorkshire, the greetings of “bonjour” rang through the school gates as staff welcomed our young people for a fantastic French themed day of learning and fun.


The day started with the allocation of teams’ colours to represent the tones of the Tricolour.  Afterwards, it was off to lessons where our young people, in mixed groups, supported each other learning about different aspects of France and its glorious history.


Everybody learnt about Paris’s most famous attraction and that in 1887 Gustave Eiffel created a structure that would become one of the seven wonders of the modern world and one of the most visited attractions in the world over 7 million visitors every year.


Later on in the day, our young people pushed their creative engineering minds to the limit as they recreated the Eiffel Tower in miniature, using nothing more than spaghetti sticks and marshmallows!


Following on from this, our young people took part in a ‘Tour De France’ where they used their maths skills to calculate distances in kilometres between cities and were then challenged to convert into miles.


Lunch was met with cautious eyes as they surveyed the array of French meats and cheeses, crepes and grape juice.  The majority of the young people tried that they had never tasted before, such as French bread laden with soft warm Camembert.


Post lunch, there was strong competition between the young people and staff as they headed out into the sunny yard for an afternoon game of Boules.


As the day ended, we all reflected on an excellent day and eagerly anticipated South America day next term.