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How Does The Referral Process Work?

We understand that choosing the right school for your child is a difficult decision. To support this process we have parent liaison officers available who can offer further support and guidance on how we could be the right school to meet your child’s needs. We encourage you to visit our schools to meet students and staff, as well as find answers to those questions not easily answered.


To initiate the assessment process, local authorities and/or children’s services departments make formal requests for a placement. Parents should involve their local authorities at an early stage. This ensures that visits by local authority educational psychologists or other professionals can be arranged to ascertain the appropriateness of the school for each prospective student.


Referral paperwork made available by local authorities, other placing bodies and parents, such as a statement of educational needs plan or an education, health and care plan are read by members of the Senior Leadership Team and if they feel that one of our schools is able to meet the child’s needs, they will be invited to visit the school to meet some of the staff and students.


Throughout the admissions procedure, the student is kept at the centre of the process. We believe it is unhelpful for the prospective student to see the school before the initial assessment, as it can be a disruption or a disappointment if we ultimately feel that we are unfortunately unable to meet their needs. Sometimes this strategy is changed, however we always work in partnership with the local authority and parents/carers to determine the best way forward.


Following the assessment and review of reports, the head teacher is then able to make a decision as to whether their school is the right placement for the prospective student. The majority of students are referred and placed by their local education authorities, often supported by children’s services and their healthcare colleagues.


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