Specialist Education

It is intended that Design and Technology at Grateley House School affords each student the opportunity to further their interests in expressing their own ideas via a creative means.


Students are encouraged to bring their own chosen ideas to the table, to share them with others and to explore ways and means of producing practical pieces.


Each student will naturally will have different interests, whether it be sport, gaming, nature or whatever, and this will inevitably present each student with a path for individual study.


Students will be encouraged to plan their work and to make notes when new skills are explored. We also rely heavily on photographic evidence for the purposes of recording and developing each student’s ideas.


There is a great emphasis on the concepts of recycling of materials and the effective use of resources in the DT department – nothing goes to waste.


Project tasks are adapted and tailored to individual pupil’s abilities and interests, with a new theme within which all students will explore their own ideas every half term or six weeks.


The Design Technology Curriculum is designed to be inclusive, fully incorporating each student’s EHCPs into every lesson and meeting the needs of learners with autism. Projects will therefore vary according to the individual student’s needs and capabilities.