Hill House School

Hill House School provides an ambitious and meaningful curriculum. It is a curriculum that ensures our students are able to engage in and enjoy a broad and rich experience of linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, aesthetic and creative education.


It is a curriculum that has been designed to be appropriate to their needs and takes into account the ages, aptitudes and the various barriers to learning that of all our students face.


It is a curriculum that enables our students to acquire communication, self-regulation, listening, literacy and numeracy skills which prepares them academically, socially and emotionally for the opportunities for their next steps into adult life.


We offer a highly consistent environment and focus on communication skills with strong emphasis on self-management, independence and choice. Our communication strategies are supported by a wide range of symbolic and photographic materials such as visual clues, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) or symbols of reference.


Each class is run by a teacher, together with two teaching assistants and additional learning support staff to provide a minimum staff student ratio of 1:1. Students at Hill House School follow a broad and balanced curriculum that takes account of the National Curriculum frameworks. Individual subjects are adapted to take account of the needs, and starting points of our learners. Tasks and activities are differentiated to enable all to make progress.


Throughout the age range, practical skills such as cooking, caring for the home and self-care are taught alongside, and through, the academic subjects. Students also have the opportunity to access the community and skills of accessing amenities, developing leisure interests, shopping and outdoor pursuits are taught throughout the age range.


In post-16, particular emphasis is placed on life skills, developing independence, work-related learning/vocational skills and household skills. Schemes of work across the full age range are integrated and highlight opportunities to teach the core areas of social skills development, communication and the development of positive, socially appropriate behaviours.



Subjects include:

✓ English

✓ Maths

✓ Science

✓ Art & Design

✓ Computing

✓ Music

✓ Community


✓ Careers

Post-16 emphasis on:

✓ Life skills

✓ Developing independence

✓ Work-related learning

✓ Vocational skills

✓ Household skills

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