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The iSTART Programme is a targeted induction programme for all our students at Spring Hill School. Over a period of 6-12 weeks or less (depending on the individual), students will be supported by a specific team to allow them to settle, familiarise themselves with their environment and expectations, build relationships with key staff and undertake a range of academic and therapeutic assessments in order to prepare them for learning. It’s a multidisciplinary approach supported by trained teachers, therapists and clinicians.


Placing the child’s needs at the centre, we take this time to understand what is important to the them, their parents and/or carers and how we can improve their quality of life. We want to know what they are interested in, what they are motivated by, how they want to be supported and crucially what they want to learn!


We want to know if prior learning information is correct, if their EHCP targets are still appropriate and most importantly, if we can continue to meet their needs. A successful placement at CSHS requires a level of commitment from both the school and the individual and therefore is imperative that this process gives us the right information to achieve the best possible outcomes for that young person.


The final aim of this process is to ensure a young person transitions in to the most appropriate class, receives the correct support, access an appropriate yet challenging curriculum and is given the opportunity to succeed and reach their potential!


Top Quotation

The report was lovely to read as [my son] does seem to be pushing himself outside his comfort zone.


- Parent

Bottom Quotation

"I don’t think I can recall a day when he has come home from school so enthusiastic and happy!"
- Parent, 2021


"Adults work with pupils to help them to stay calm and to manage their feelings.”
- Ofsted, October 2021

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