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Staff vs Students Football Match


on the 7th April we celebrated at Grateley House School with the traditional Staff vs Students football match! Whilst it was windy,  the sun was out, and staff and students were able to enjoy a sporting late morning before the end of the Easter break.


It was an exciting time as the students got to wear their brand-new football kit, kindly donated by Parker Bullen solicitors. Thanks to them the Football students’ team will be able to wear this kit at future events against other schools, for which we are really grateful.


 Football Huddle

Another important mention hs to go to Christopher Rice, a Gratelehy House student who has been a key vehicle in the organisation of this event, displaying his passion and commitment to football. Thank you Chris!

Student Team

The Student Team


Staff Team

The Staff Team


After the match briefing led by Adam Clark, the Staff team managed to put a high level of intensity in their style, anticipating the clear exit of the ball of students and not allowing them to practise their triangle-style football. As a result, we reached half time with a favourable 4-0 to the Staff.

Match Briefing


However, Students team did not give up and scored 2 goals during the second half, showing their reaction against adversity and resilience to keep trying, these are the real positives that they can carry with them.



Dribbling The Ball

Student Staff Football

The game ended with a 4-2 final result in what was an exciting morning of football in the school. It was lovely to see the sportmanship between staff and students at the end of the match and we are all very much looking forward to the re-match!