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Aaron is one of our Home Managers and is responsible for the care the young people receive in the home.


Working under Ofsted regulations the homes are inspected regularly. The Home Manager is responsible for the leadership and management of the staff team making sure they are trained, competent and able in their roles to look after the young people in their care. The impact of the work of our Home Managers is evidenced in this lovely letter received by Aaron from one of our leavers:


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"Aaron, (Eggsy)


I don't think I have ever complained or shouted at someone so much in my entire existence. You do indeed get a lot of challenges here daily, not just from us girls but everyone else as well; but I love how you still stick around.  Prior to that I've been told a lot about the managers at the other homes (not that that's a surprise), but everyone speaks so highly of you, and how you do actually give a sh*t about all of us, and even I'm not oblivious to that. I will always be thankful for the amount of energy and commitment you have for the home.  You are always drowning us with your cheesy jokes and your witty self.   You always carry a smile and throw all of your advice at us, leading us onto the good path.


You should never doubt your work here, because you are doing an "outstanding" job!


I think the main thing that affects me is that you don't realise the impact on my life you've actually had.  The only reason I have come so far and grown up so quickly is because of the people around me. As you are aware, I didn't exactly live the high life before coming here,  I think mental health took over a lot of my mind and defiantly dragged me into the dark. I don't have a lot of self-confidence and esteem or motivation to just live a ‘normal’ life.


But whilst being here I have realised a lot of things that I wouldn't have even thought twice on before, and I have re-built the relationship with my parents which was one of the most important things for me.  You have helped with all of this Aaron and if it wasn't for that I would not be  who I am right now. You've taught me a lot of lessons and given me a lot of realisation of how responsible I have to be for myself in the future. I've learnt that you can't be rude and bitter to people, I've learnt that your actions have heavy prices and that only YOU can change YOU. And of course, that smoking is certainly very bad for your health and your teeth!


I just want to say thank you for everything. Thank you for the Go Karting and the meals out, for the support you provide for us and the events you arrange for us, for the laughs and the memories I will now remember for my lifetime, for the pointless arguments and disagreements which  I can now reflect on, for the meetings we've held about my future goals and how much effort you've put in to make my plans better for me, and just for doing what you do every day to change the lives of vulnerable teenagers that are crying out for help. I can certainly say that this year has been very eventful. I promise I will thrive and put all of my efforts into the next chapter. I will make you all proud and I will show you what a difference you have all made by helping me grow and learn.


Don't miss me too much Aaron - Like you said; "I've done my time!"


You are an incredible inspiration to many people and you should be so proud of yourself.


I will always have love in my heart for what you do!"


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CSE Child Profile

• Aged 16-25

• D/deaf or hearing loss

• Communication difficulties

• Associated complex needs

• Challenging behaviour

• Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome or other diagnosed conditions

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