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Cambian Art Competition Entry


"Hello, my name is JS, I am 12 years old and I go to Somerset School.


I have been in care for 12 years and been to a lot of schools. Somerset School is amazing, it's helped change my life. Somerset School has a dog called Zumi, she is a lurcher saluki cross and she is very zoomy!


When I get angry or upset, it is uncontrollable.  I have always had this through bad times in my life. I have shown my anger through the paint on the background of the canvas.


Since starting at Somerset School, Zumi has been like a therapy dog, she makes me feel happy, calm and safe. Without Zumi I could have been uncontrollable and lost placement at Somerset School.


Zumi is my friend at school and I help look after her, I don't know what I would do without her.


My art piece expresses my feelings when I am upset, but in the middle is one of the things that help me regulate. This is an art pice about me, my friend, empowering myself to talk about my feelings, embracing myself and positivity."


JS, Somerset School


Somerset Art2