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Green Careers Week 2023


The second Green Careers Week was held between 6th and 11th November 2023 and Grateley House students were able to take part for the first time ever. This new initiative, as a direct relation to the National Careers Week that is adhered to in all school in the Spring every year, was geared towards encouraging students to consider working in fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Sustainability. Supported by some fantastic partners including STEM Learning, UK Space Agency, National Careers Service, the DfE and the CEC and others who want to help teachers and young people get to grips with emerging technologies and careers that will change the world for the better.


Students were given a range of resources to research during tutor time, as well as being able to take part and view webinars, assemblies and other professional development meetings to assist them into making potential career choices for the future.


Around 60% of young people are ‘worried’ or ‘extremely worried’ about climate change, (according to a global survey conducted by Bath University in 2021) so we wanted to be one of the schools looking to highlight the amazing career pathways students can follow to improve the future climate.


Staff also played their part by completing pledge plaques for their doors stating how they follow green and sustainable practices as part of allowing our young people to consider that green is a good colour when it comes to employment opportunities given its inexorable growth as an industry over the next 5-10 years.