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Hill House School - Fairthorne Activity Days


The month of May brought excitement and adventure for Hill House young people as they embarked on Fairthorne Manor activity days. Our adventurers took on physical challenges such as climbing, team challenges, canoeing, jumping pillow, indoor archery, and raft building!

The activity days were about physical activities as well as personal development too. Throughout the trip, young people gained confidence, working on their team skills, discovering new hobbies and interests and boosting their resilience

Hill House have always sought to create opportunities for young people to develop beyond the classroom, and these days did just that.

We were so proud to see our young people self-regulating whilst being in a different environment, trying something new and sharing their feedback with everyone.

Our school is committed to providing enriching experiences and we are thrilled that the trips were such a success.


Fairhorne Manor


Fairhorne Manor 2