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Kindness Rocks!


As part of our Anti Bullying campaign, students at Northampton School have been distributing rocks to friends & family and around the community. 


Kindness Rocks


Our young people chose positive words, bright colours and positive messages to create 'Kindness Rocks'.


Kindness Rocks Be Happy Kindness Rocks Bean Rock


The movement 'Kindness Rocks' was born in USA when Megan Murphy painted one and wrote "You've got this" on a rock and left it on a beach on Cape Cod. After a friend found it, she started leaving more rocks with inspirational messages behind and the idea of 'Kindness Rocks' has grown from there.


Kindness Rocks Follow Your Dreams Kindness Rocks You Are The Best


We are all linked to the 'Kindness Rocks' project because we know that Kindness Rocks!!


Kindness Rocks Penguin Rock Kindness Rocks Peace