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Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre


Students have been taking part in P.E sessions this term and have tried some new, exciting activities at Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre. They have bonded as a team, their motivation has increased and their confidence in each other’s ability has grown.


Northampton Students In Rowing Boats

Northampton Students In Water



We received a lovely email from the centre, praising our students behaviour and engagement from the teachers who has been carrying out the sessions!


"I have spoken to our two instructors Dean and Ryan, they have said how well behaved the students are and how they have listened to them about the activities every time they have had the children. Both Dean and Ryan have also said that they have enjoyed taking them."


- Adminstrator - Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre



We would like to congratulate the students who have taken part for their wonderful behaviour during the sessions!


Northampton Students In Kyak