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Somerset School Parent/Carer Forum


Our first Parent/Carer Forum will take place on 29th March between 10am and 12pm. If any parent/carers would like to be involved please email David Fielding. Further details with regards the venue will be made available once we have an idea on the number attending.


What is the aim and role of Somerset School Parent/Carer Forum?



The main aim of the Parent/Carer Forum is to ensure the voice of parents/carers are listened to and heard by the Leadership Team and Directors to ensure we are meeting the needs of all children, parents and offering an excellent education to all. The parental partnership will also add strength and value, supporting children’s learning.


The other aims are:

•             To encourage parents/carers to participate in the life and work of Somerset School;

•             To become a forum for parents/carers to express their views;

•             To act as a sounding board for future developments;

•             To support the Somerset School in communicating effectively with parents/carers.