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The Joy That Music Brings!


Students and staff here at Hill House have been taking our ‘One Planet Living’ initiative one step further by building on the success of student’s online movie experience with Disney+.


With the introduction of this new technology and safe access to a digital library of movies, our young people no longer have to rely on DVDs that are easily damaged, lost, and stored in plastic cases. They now benefit from being able to choose and access their favourite movies at any time, as well as explore new movies from a large, age-appropriate selection. This was the wonderful idea from our ‘Cedars Climate Army’ during our Green Dragon’s Den in November last year, where students were able to ‘pitch’ ideas on how we can be more environmentally friendly within the school.


One Planet Living Disneyplus Spotify


Based on the popularity that Disney+ has with the students, we have gone yet another step further by creating a subscription for Spotify, which will give our young people the same opportunities with music as they currently enjoy with Disney+. Each young person has their own access to the Spotify Kids app giving them the chance to build unique playlists that they can take everywhere with them: to share with friends, at parties, in the car when they’re out and about, or even home for holidays. 


Spotify Playlists


With Spotify Kids, our young people can:

  • Enjoy kid-friendly content handpicked by them.
  • Listen to music, audiobooks, and more.
  • Soundtrack their day, from playtime to bedtime.
  • Reduce their use of plastic and plastic waste.


We asked Sonia Lancaster, February’s One Planet Living Champion and Team Manager in Cedars, to share her thoughts on the difference that Spotify has made.


“In the Cedars, we have been very excited that we now have access to Spotify. PR has been having lots of fun making her new playlists and listening to her favourite tunes. We love having access to Spotify when we are out and about with easy access to the children’s songs.” 


You find out more about Hill House' One Planet Initiative HERE.