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Treadmills And Tackles


Due to COVID restrictions our offsite gym and sports hall we have traditionally used for PE had been unavailable to us. However, we didnt let this stop us from keeping our students active during this time, as we successfully improvised with well-planned and creative alternatives such as onsite circuit training, football and walks.


As much as the students enjoyed our alternative exercise, they were very excited when Headland sports centre reopened and we were once again able to access a full range of important activities that are crucial for our students. 


This meant that everyone had the chance to increase their rate of physical activity, which includes strength training, balance work, aerobic routines and games that all improve blood flow to the brain, increasing brain health and memory.


Our students love to go and feel the benefit from these sessions, while the staff at the Sports Centre are well aware of our schools needs and fully support and patiently help our young people wherever they can.


We would like to congratulate our student’s new found art of increased patience that has been found in their long wait to return to the local gym.


Student In The Gym


Student On Treadmill


Student And Staff Running In Sports Centre