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The following may be ideas a child could learn and try when they get anxious and hopefully before they get angry or frustrated. Rewarding them for doing the right things, as opposed to lashing out, will also be helpful:


✓ Showing a 'card' that tells adults that they are anxious or upset. This card should be able to fit in their pocket and may have a sad face on it


✓ Taking slow, deep breaths and counting to ten, but making each number rhyme, for example: one - sun, two - shoe


✓ Going to a 'safe' place. This may be a beanbag, garden, table outside of a classroom, a pop up tent, etc.


✓ Squeezing play dough at a table, or making bread dough and kneading it


✓ Exercise - running arounf the playground/garden, jumping on a trampoline, etc.


✓ Listening to music to audio book with headphones


✓ Pushing against a wall


✓ Colouring


✓ Looking at their own personal strategy book for ideas 


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