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Quite often a child with an ASD will behave well at school giving the impression that everything is fine, but then get home and exhibit negative behaviours. This could be because they feel safe at home to do this and/or they do not have a way of communicating to school staff that they are anxious, particularly in front of peers. A child with ASD needs to be able to generalise skills at school and at home and be given opportunities to do so. Sometimes, parents may be blamed for bad parenting, but that is not the case. It is more to do with the child managing to hold all their anxieties together at school - trying to understand language, school tasks, body language, being alone, and dealing with any sensory issues they may have had - so that by the end of the school day they are extremely fraught, tired and unhappy. Schools need to be aware of this as the child's educational needs are failing to be met and generalisation of skills should be listed as part of the child's Special Educational Needs. An Educational Psychology report may be needed to support this. 


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