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Sometimes children with ASD also have tics, either vocally or bodily, which may be deemed odd or distracting to others. They can be noises such as clearing the throat, squeaks, grunts and also involuntary swearing or abusive language. 


Movements can involve the head, parts of the face, arms, legs or whole body. Times of stress or anxiety can see these tics increase. This can be distracting for others, particularly in class and may lead to bullying. Telling the child to stop would be like someone telling another not to blink - it is impossible. These tics, or movements, are involuntary and the child will need support from the people around them. Making a huge issue of it may in fact exacerbate the tic/movements. The child's doctor or specialist should be able to advise on this. Some children will have a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome - to read more about Tourette's click here.


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