Whinfell School


Chris Constance

Telephone: 01539 723322

"Chris entered teaching after an unconventional route, having route as a design engineer, a training consultant and an infantry officer. He has worked in various capacities in a number of mainstream and special schools. In every position he has set and achieved high expectations and has been creative in managing change. He believes education is about far more than simple attainment and strongly believes in a holistic approach to learning, focused on individual needs and talents.


He came to Cambian Whinfell as Head of Education in 2013 and was delighted to subsequently become Principal. It is a very special place and he feel privileged to work with such an outstanding team who produce such outstanding results. 


He passionately believes in creating an environment where all of our young people can become their personal best. He is aspirational and believes it is not enough to just create a safe and happy environment. Our young people have all had a difficult time before they come to us and we have a duty to support them to achieve their full potential. This includes not just personal, social and communication progress but also academic attainment. Our aim is to develop the skills, knowledge and strategies needed for our young people to become as productive and as independent as possible. Along the way we create a lot of good memories and have a lot of fun."


Registered Manager

Tracy Brookes

Telephone: 01539 723322

"Tracy Brookes is Registered Manager and has responsibility for all things residential. She is highly professional, organised manager with a clear vision about what it takes to create a genuinely safe, caring and happy home environment. It is due to her and her team that Cambian Whinfell retains its homely feel and is such a happy place to live and work.


She has successfully led the residential team through a number of Ofsted inspection which have never been less than 'Outstanding'. Tracy combines a compassionate and caring approach to her work with a ruthless advocacy for the young people in her care. We are very lucky to have her!"


Head of Education

Paddy Sandham

Telephone: 01539 723322

"Paddy is Head of Education and has responsibility for all things educational. She is a highly motivated teacher with over 20 years experience, having taught in a number of mainstream and special schools. She is passionate about child centred learning and aims to get the best from our students by creating a productive and fun environment in which they can achieve their full potential."


General Enquiries

Email: cambianeducation@cambiangroup.com

Telephone: 0800 138 1184


Governance Board

Termly Governance Board meetings are held at Whinfell School to ensure that the management of the school is closely scrutinised and held to account in all areas of responsibility.


The agenda comprises of:


✓ Voice of the Child - student feedback


✓ Head Teachers Highlight Report outlining achievements and challenges and progress against school improvement report


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Care


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Education


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Therapy


✓ Commercial Performance


✓ Staffing and Personnel


✓ Estates Report


✓ IT report


Chair of the board is Chris Strong who is contactable on chris.strong@cambiangroup.com or phone: 0208 735 6150


The Governance Board contain key individuals from outside and within the school who attend this meeting each term and parental and staff feedback is always welcomed.